The Leif Eiríksson Center in Búðardalur

Opening spring 2020!

An exhibition on Nordic settlement in Greenland and the discovery of America long before Christopher Columbus.

The Icelandic sagas; Greenland saga and The Saga of Erik the Red, speak of the settlement of Nordic people in Greenland. They tell the story of Leif’s discovery of America and the first person of European descent born there. Now, more than a thousand years later, archeological studies indicate that these stories seem to be rooted in fact.

The exhibition is on the top floor of an old warehouse in a very beautiful place by the Búðardalur harbor, by Hvammsfjörður off Breiðafjörður bay. The setup of the exhibition is the same as in the renowned Settlement Center in Borgarnes, where visitors walk down walkways in the showroom with an audio guide and the content is brought to life with maps, digital media and artwork by many artists.

The first part of the exhibition shows the topography and archeological studies that prove Nordic settlement in Greenland but the later part details events relating to the discovery and settlement of America, by Nordic people, as they are told in Greenland saga and The Saga of Erik the Red.

The audio guide is available in 5 languages, Icelandic, English, German, French and Norwegian.

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On the ground floor is a restaurant where visitors can enjoy hearty soups and dishes made from local produce. The Dalir area is an agricultural province and some of the finest cheeses in Iceland are produced there. At the restaurant, visitors can enjoy life in a beautiful environment.


Visit to Eiríksstaðir

Only a 20 minutes’ drive away from the Leif Eiriksson Center is an exact replica of the house Eirík the Red lived in. The replica is based on evidence from an archeological excavation conducted close by, near the end of the 20th century. Guests to the house can experience the 10th century atmosphere via a guided tour.

The golden Saga Circle

Information signs have been placed in interesting historical places on Skarðströnd and Fellströnd. This route is extremely beautiful with the islands of Breiðjafjörður bay, the Snæfellsnes peninsula and the southern part of the Westfjords, visible on the horizon. Sturla Þórðarson, one of the most important writers of the Icelandic sagas, lived at Staðarhóll, close by the route.

Visit to Ólafsdalur

Ólafsdalur in Gilsfjörður is among the most important cultural monuments in West Iceland. There Torfi Bjarnason founded Iceland’s first agricultural school in 1880 and it was in operation until 1907. Presently there is a lot of development there, a small restaurant and all kinds of events during the summer. In Ólafsdalur, a lodge from the Settlement Era was recently discovered and a large-scale excavation is underway.

Guðrúnarlaug in Sælingsdalur

Here the famed love story of Guðrún Ósvífursdóttir and Kjartan Ólafsson started. They lived during the 10th century and are two of the main characters of Laxdæla Saga.

Hiking trails, horse rental and more

Many other kinds of entertainment are available in the Dalir area, too many to list here. See